Mystery behind UberEats orders

The strange phenomenon became a talking point after Brendan Fevola reported a strange message on his phone during the Fifi, Fev & Byron breakfast show on The Fox Melbourne.

“It’s confusing. It’s just come up from UberEats saying, ‘Your order has been dropped out the front,’” Fev said shortly... (  )

Motorola Razr 5G: ooea aaa Snapdragon 765G, $1400

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ee o o e Motorola Razr aa, eo ea ee oooo. Ooe ee o a: e) Snapdragon 710 aoe... (  )

POCO X3 NFC: e o 120 , IP54, Snapdragon 732G, 5160 , , - 229

oa POCO oea oa-eea ooo eeeoo aoa o oao Exactly What You Need ( a. o, o ee eeo ao). o a e

ao aa POCO X3 NFC o, oe o oex o oa, a o... (  )

Fairphone 3+: ee ax 470

oe e ao oo oe Fairphone 2 Fairphone 3 a a eooo oa, o o eao iFixit aa oe 10 o 10. A ee x o Fairphone 3+. o

e... (  )

- o: Huawei oe -

Aoe aa - o (Ming-Chi Kuo) ea eooe oo ae aee a Huawei, o eeee. o o ee

ao, Huawei ea a e e ee e, oeo -a a . ... (  )

Oao: LG Wing e T- 14

oa LG, eoo ee ax xo ee, oa a aoa ooo eooo aoa ooo oo aae Wing. oo eo

oao oao e, eaa 14 . 17:00 ... (  )

Xiaomi oo e Redmi Note 10 5G MediaTek Dimensity 820 Dimensity 720

Oo Xiaomi ae o e e Redmi Note o. eeo Redmi Note 9 e ea o o, a eoo, a oee Redmi Note 10. e eo? a

o xa, Redmi Note 10 Redmi... (  )

Mexican cartel using weaponised drones

The airborne attacks have become a common weapon for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel — Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, or CJNG in Spanish — which authorities believe controls one-third of the drugs that enter the US, to gain a larger foothold in the export of illegal drugs, according to a report by Forbes.

“The CJNG... (  )

aa Sony Xperia 5 II ox --

17 e oa Sony oee eea ea o o aa Xperia 5 II. A oa e ae a a (Evan Blass) ooa e-ae-ee aoa. o oaa

Xperia 5 II oae ex ax : , ... (  )

Apple oo ae ) iPhone 12, - 5G

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